Winnowing is a book for people who have lived a long time, and need—for their own sake, and for the sake of us all—to reflect on what their lives have taught them.

This directed diary is an invitation for the soul to express itself. The soul is like an ember that breaks into flame as we age. For most of our lives, it has been a quiet and polite companion, content to watch and listen as we make our way through the world. But as we grow into elderhood, and accept the fact that death lies on the horizon, the soul becomes more insistent. It wants to speak. It wants to know if we have been true to ourselves, if we have honored our deepest natures.

The art of winnowing is the essence of the book. In ancient days, at harvest time, men and women would gather harvested grain in winnowing baskets, toss it high in the air where the wind would blow away the lighter chaff while the heavier kernels fell back into the basket. Winnowing was the act of separating the essential from the unnecessary.

The invitation of this book is to do the same with your own life. Winnowing is a diary, organized in chapters that direct your attention to key themes (moments of passage, connections & relationships, trouble you’ve faced, miracles you’ve witnessed, wishes and fears…) so you might write about the people and events that have shaped your unique personality.

A great gift for parents and aging relatives.
A wonderful prelude to family reunions.

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