The Journey

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In ancient days and faraway places, rites of passage were created by communities to usher their adolescents out of the world of childhood, and into the joys and rigors, the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood. They knew what we have forgotten: the young are, developmentally, neither wise, nor disciplined, nor experienced enough to cross this threshold on their own. The community must gather at such a time and create the occasion for adolescents to discover both the power and the beauty of becoming an adult.

The Journey is such an occasion.

Based on age-old wisdom culled from myth, folktale, ancient rites and ceremonies, The Journey is a compendium of creative exercises that invite young people into the dignity and adventure of becoming a man or woman. The experience is divided into five sequential phases. Each phase focuses on one of the necessary crises (crisis = danger + opportunity) of adolescence. Phase One, The Call to Adventure, deals with the challenges of separation; Phase Two, Finding Your Path, is concerned with becoming your unique self, or independence. Phase Three, In the Heart of the Labyrinth, is focused on the trials, temptations and obstacles one confronts as a teenager. Phase Four, The Wood Between the Worlds, helps distill the unique wisdom and common sense one has learned from life into a cohesive new sense of self. And Phase Five, The Ceremony of Passage, creates the occasion for families and communities to gather to acknowledge and celebrate the passage.

While the challenges are many, the means of engaging them are creative and highly engaging. Mask making, life mapping, guided imagery experiences, improvisational theater games, and self-reflection exercises combine to both stimulate and structure deep awareness and exciting dialog.

Guidebooks describe each exercise and its intent, offering advice for group leaders that has been culled from decades of our personal experience. Workbooks are beautifully illustrated and clearly written to make the experience a keepsake. The guided imagery experiences have been recorded with soothing original music to promote full engagement. And The Legacy book for parents is an exquisitely crafted journal in which to record their own experiences of adolescence, then pass it on to their child as a keepsake.

The Journey has been in use for 22 years in schools, counseling centers, youth service organizations, and religious groups. A Spanish version is available in manuscript form, as well as a “Spiritual Addendum” for those who wish to link the themes of The Journey to stories from the Bible.

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