The Second Journey

Retirement. Quitting time. The kids are grown, the office is locked, the IRA is paid up, the health plan is in place. Our identity is fluid again; demands on our time fall away, and we are free to pursue the dreams of a lifetime. How do we navigate our way through this strange new world of challenges and fears, opportunities and limitations? The Second Journey is an adventure designed specifically to engage the social, emotional, psychological and spiritual yearnings of people who have passed through the threshold of retirement.

We call it the “Second Journey” because this time of life is fundamentally different—in feel and in focus—from the road we have traveled previously. Earlier, on the “First Journey,” our primary interest was in survival: put food on the table, build a roof over our heads, keep a family safe and sound, be “insured,” save for our golden years. Then the golden years arrive, and after a brief fling with the newness of free time (even fishing gets old), many of us discover a new yearning growing within. Survival is no longer a rational goal (nobody gets out of here alive). We now seek a more mature and mysterious treasure. We seek
fulfillment, that sublime sense of having lived fully, deeply, and completely the life that was given us.

The Second Journey is in pursuit of that fulfillment.

In this workshop series, we learn to cultivate four qualities that are essential to the pursuit and discovery of fulfillment:

  • Truthtelling and Truthlistening: can we articulate what is declining and
    emerging in our changing lives?
  • Sacrifice: can we let go of old habits, beliefs, roles, and expectations that we have outgrown, and now clog the way of our emerging desires and intentions?
  • Creativity: can we imagine aging not merely in terms of what is declining, but also in what is emerging? As our bodies decline, what new parts of ourselves are actually being created? What is stronger, deeper, more alive as we age, and how can we align ourselves with it? What possibilities are open only to the old?
  • Generosity: how can we pass along the meaning, beauty and wisdom we have culled from our lives, to a world sorely in need?

These are the pursuits of The Second Journey.

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