Private Paths, Common Ground

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It happens to many: somewhere in the middle of our lives, we awake feeling lost. We sense that we’ve been playacting in a drama written by a hand other than our own, and the script no longer works. Things we were striving for—wealth, security, fame, title—suddenly look hollow and small. Other questions, other concerns—more personal, and also more universal—trouble our sleep: Is this it? Am I on the right path? Am I fully awake, or
sleepwalking through life? What is my heart’s desire?

Such questions herald what we have come to call a midlife crisis. There should be no shame in such feelings; rather, it is a call to adventure, the unique adventure of inner awakening that can only occur in the middle of life. Like Dante, life calls for us to leave the surface of our lives and descend into our interiors, in search of the story-thread that will guide us home to ourselves once again.

Private Paths, Common Ground is a guidebook for this journey. As the name suggests, the exercises in this book give expression to the creative paradox of midlife: each of us is utterly unique, and all of us are somehow the same.

The book is a journey of three parts:

  • Redeeming the Past
  • Honoring the Present
  • Revisioning the Future

We travel through these realms on the wings of our imaginations. On the way, you will be tickled and teased in delightful ways to give expression to your absolute uniqueness, and our essential sameness. Guided fantasy journeys, mask making, fortune telling, life mapping, improvisational games, and an array of opportunities for creative self-expression will
re-enchant us with our own lives, and with each other’s.

Private Paths, Common Ground is an excellent resource for men’s and women’s groups, couple’s groups and marriage preparation, family reunions—wherever thoughtful and creative personal reflection is welcome. The package makes a wonderful gift for special people on significant birthdays, and is an excellent means for staying in intimate touch with loved ones far away.

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