The Personal Path

The great Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, was once asked to describe “therapy” to a layperson. Jung replied that therapy is the process of creating a new “story container” for oneself. Huh? Stories, said Jung, are the way human beings create meaning in our lives: we tell ourselves (or have told to us by our culture, our religion, our parents…) a story of who we think we are, what we value, what we offer and what we need, what we fear and what we hope for. As we age, we naturally outgrow these old story containers—an adolescent needs a more expansive story than a child, and the story we are living after retirement is profoundly different than before it. And so, to prepare for the unique possibilities and responsibilities of each life stage, from time to time we must let go of the old story, and imagine ourselves anew.

This is one stream of the work of the Midway Center. We reside at the thresholds of life—adolescence, midlife, retirement, end of life—offering creative programs, books and services to guide the social, emotional, spiritual journey through the necessary crises and adventures we all face at these pregnant junctures.

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