A Fool's Lexicon

People collect almost anything:
baseball cards, matchbooks, campaign buttons, beer mats, postcards, menus, stamps, hotel shampoos…

I collect words.

For the last two decades, I, David Oldfield, have been traveling through world as an itinerant fool. On this journey, I’ve collected a gaggle of strange and exotic words that stimulate wholly new (or very old) ways of thinking about our lives, our work, our future, and the wild, transformational times we live in. Part autobiography, part philosophical meandering, part rant, part praise song, A Fool’s Lexicon dives into the vagaries of modern culture with the manic passion of one who lives on its edge. These strange words – interesting in and of themselves – are a funhouse mirror reflecting the weird world we live in, and provide unique insights into the challenges and opportunities that beckon to us from the future.

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