Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is an innovative wellness program for teenagers and their parents that focuses on the creative adventure of growth that beckons each generation at this significant (and often significantly difficult!) time in their lives.

As the title suggests, the program invites both teens and parents to become bridge builders. For the young, the program addresses the bridge that must be built from the world of
childhood to the world of adulthood, while parents begin the emotional process of bridging to the new world of life after kids. Perhaps more importantly, the program invites both
generations to build a bridge of communication and understanding toward each other, thus constructing the basis for a new relationship that springs from their changing identities.

To accomplish these challenging tasks, Bridging the Gap introduces both generations (sometimes meeting separately, sometimes together) to a wide array of imaginative
exercises that make vivid and meaningful their hidden thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears they carry as they pass through these transitional times. Teenagers use mask making, improvisational theater games, guided imagery and self-reflection activities to deepen their awareness and expand their capacity to communicate their experience of coming of age. Parents construct maps of their lives, record memories of their own teenage years, assemble time capsules, and participate in group discussions with other parents in order to better understand the needs of their children, and steer a course into their own futures. Bridging the Gap culminates in a family ceremony that honors and celebrates the poignancy of this powerful life transition for both generations.

The program is ideally suited for school retreats, PTAs and other parent support groups, churches and religious gatherings where family is cherished, and social service agencies.

The unique family focus of the program, coupled with its upbeat, creative approach to adolescent issues, makes Bridging the Gap an exciting, richly satisfying experience for all.

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