Mentoring is becoming an ever-more vital component of corporate culture, as companies recognize the need for rising young employees to become savvy in the ways their organization gets things done. Many seasoned veterans are generous enough to offer their mentorship, but often feel awkward and ill-prepared for the role.

Seven Islands is a dialog game that lays the groundwork for focused, meaningful conversations between members of a working group, and between mentors and mentees. Each of the seven islands concerns itself with one aspect of life that requires care and feeding if we are to stay healthy and in sync with changing circumstances.

  • The Island of Behavior
  • The Island of Emotion
  • The Island of Family and Tradition
  • The Island of Community, Work, and Service
  • The Physical Island
  • The Island of Intellect and Learning
  • The Island of Purpose and Meaning

Each of the seven islands can be engaged on three levels:

  • Organizational
  • Professional/Career
  • Personal

Seven Islands comes with a game board/map, and three sets of cards for each island, each containing a question that provokes deep thinking and thoughtful dialog around the island’s theme, at the organizational, professional/career, or personal level. Dialog from Seven Islands can identify key areas of growth and development for mentors and mentees, and insights for working teams to use as the basis for their own renewal. Regardless of the specific use, Seven Islands dialogs are an excellent means for extending interpersonal understanding, and promoting mutual growth.