The Midway Center works extensively in corporations and large organizations intent on dramatic growth and change, renewed vision and strategic realignment (who isn’t?) and who wish to engage these challenges in a dynamic, creative manner. Grounded in the gifts of the imagination, we call upon the age-old wisdom of mythology, folklore, and ritual to reveal the eternal themes still at play in our corporate lives, and the heroes, fools, wizards and dragons lurking in the cubicle next door. We employ edgy, imaginative problem solving techniques to foster wholly new perspectives on products, processes and performance. We speak extensively on such diverse topics as the ancient origins of leadership, the disciplines of innovation, how to lead (and follow) creative people, discovering and refining the genius of individuals and organizations, recovering the soul of a brand, and maximizing employee engagement.

We have designed a variety of tools for corporations to engage their workforce in the ways and means of personal, professional, and organizational transformation. All of these offerings should be understood as blueprints or templates; The Midway Center tailors each offering to the specific needs of our client partners. All of our offerings are co-created with you.