Human beings have needed leaders since the beginning of time. We are forever daring to enter new and unknown territories, forever rising to face the persistent and emerging challenges to our existence, forever questing after some modern version of the golden fleece or water of life. Leaders are those who hear the call to the great adventures presented to each generation, in every realm of human endeavor, and respond with a resounding YES! They are not born leaders, but learn to become so by facing the trials and obstacles that inevitably rise up to challenge them.

The precious commodity we call leadership is, at its core, the quality of character that is evoked in response to these challenges.

While the specifics of each person’s leadership adventure are unique, the stages of the journey to become a leader remain constant. These timeless stages have been captured in the myths and legends, folk and fairy tales known as “The Hero’s Journey.” These describe the core movements, the essential tasks and the persistent challenges facing all leaders in all times, and are no less relevant to the survival strategies of modern corporations than they were to our heroic ancestors.

In this presentation, David Oldfield uses myths, legends, films and archetypes to describe the stages of The Hero’s Journey as a foundation to modern leadership. You will be encouraged to join in a spirited discussion that applies these stages to current and future challenges in your own career, and in the heroic work that beckons your organization.