Seems that everybody wants to be more innovative these days—it’s a healthy, necessary response to a rapidly changing world. In business, we all love the fruits of innovation—the breakthrough product, the game-changing idea—but tend to abhor the path that gets us there. Our thinking about innovation tends to be fuzzy, superstitious, and founded on fad rather than grounded in proven process.

The Disciplines of Innovation is such a process. We have been introducing working groups to innovative thinking for 25 years, teaching practical skills in the disciplines necessary to identify opportunities ripe for innovation, bring forth the best and boldest possibilities, discern the best path forward, and drive ideas into tangible product and process improvements. We promote mental agility by introducing four interlocking “styles” of thinking appropriate to the four essential roles of end-to-end innovation:

  • the visionary, whose task is to find the right opportunity
  • the player, whose task is to surround that opportunity with interesting ideas
  • the overseer, whose task is to select the right solution
  • the champion, whose task is to generate acceptance

In our sessions, we offer practical thinking tools and techniques to stimulate each, and orchestrate their efforts into a seamless flow.