It might be said that the most pressing and ongoing demand of leadership is renewal: how to keep a business and its people growing, changing, and realigning to maximize their value through changing times.

Biology has taught us that all living things must constantly renew themselves, or they will die. The renewal process happens, well, naturally in nature (you don’t have to tell a tree when it’s time to drop its leaves, and caterpillars seem to know when to spin their cocoons). But humans tend to get comfortable in our habits, assumptions, plans and old ways, and often without knowing, we resist necessary transformations to our businesses, often until it’s too late. So we need to discipline ourselves to do the work of sloughing off tired, ineffective old ways of thinking and acting, and embark on a journey of aligning ourselves with the perils and possibilities of a changing world. The stakes are high; the longer we wait, the tougher the journey.

Because we are predisposed to resist such a journey, focused and aligned leadership is an absolute necessity. Leadership teams and self-directing working groups are invited to explore the four disciplines all leaders must assiduously practice if they are to guide the conscious renewal of the business. These disciplines are:

  • Truthtelling and truth-listening. What are the emerging and declining truths of our business? What inconvenient truths would we rather not admit to? Are we as leaders speaking clear truths to our people, and are we listening to the truths they are trying to speak to us? What is the role of dialog in this organization, and how can we improve it to insure clear messages are flowing unobstructedly between us?
  • Sacrifice. Given the emerging and declining truths of our business, what old habits, beliefs, processes, and ways of working must we slough off in order to make room for new ways of thinking and working that are more attuned to the world-to-come? As a leader, how do I demonstrate in my own work what is most important, and how do I create opportunities for others to let go of outmoded work habits and assumptions?
  • Innovation. Where in our work is innovation most urgently called for? As a leader, how can I create an environment that spawns innovation—in individuals, and in groups? What tools do I need to free people’s minds to think and act differently?
  • Intentionality. How can we become the most focused, intentional team in the business? How can we better align our visions with our deeds? In an age of continuous distraction and split attention, how can we focus on what truly matters, and produce extraordinary results?

These are the Disciplines of Renewal. These are what we use to engage leadership groups and working teams in corporations and organizations around the world. Sessions are highly interactive, and lead to profound breakthroughs in vision, mission, processes and culture at work.