The Midway Center has two decades of experience working in active partnership with companies to design and facilitate memorable, high-impact meeting experiences & ongoing events. Each of these collaborations applies the expansive wit & wisdom of the creative imagination to specific corporate challenges. All our endeavors invite clients to look at old problems with fresh eyes, open minds, and adventuresome spirits.

Among our favorites:

The 2020 Story
A group immersion in foresight and future visioning, wherein we collectively imagine what we want our business to look like in the year 2020 (with all the imaginable world changes), then work backward to discern initiatives we must take here and now to maximize the likelihood that the future we desire will come to pass. From our collective visions, we distill a coherent “2020 Story” which looks back from the year 2020 at the decisions, risks, crossroads and obstacles we encountered along the way.

The River of Execution
How does our work flow? What happens to fresh ideas as they wind their way into products or services? How do a company’s systems and processes encourage and discourage the flow? In a highly entertaining and interactive group exercise, we imagine the company’s process as a river, and use imagery associated with rivers—fresh headwaters & toxic spills, whirlpools & raging rapids, dams and stagnant pools, crosscurrents and undertows—to identify places where our processes may be hampering the natural flow of ideas into products & services, and pinpoint efforts to restore a strong, smooth channel.

The Archaeological Dig
How might we sift through our corporate past to unearth its treasures? In this highly engaging & interactive challenge, teams of “corporate archaeologists” sort through shards from the company’s past—photos of past leaders, scraps of old ad & marketing campaigns, news clippings of major decisions, milestones & turning points—to create a timeline of significant crossroads, leadership moments, risks well taken & risks avoided, as a learning document to help steer our course into the future. A gathering of “Old Masters” who were present at these culture-shaping events enliven the Dig with personal anecdotes. A terrific way to honor the past and encourage strong leadership in the future.

Innovation Guilds and Councils
Innovation is a craft that can be learned. There are Innovation Masters in every company, and opportunities for mentoring and apprenticeship abound if we can create the proper circumstances. Designing these optimal circumstances for novices to learn from masters is what Innovation Guilds & Councils are all about.

The Leadership Labyrinth
A dramatic addition to any serious leadership development program. We help you create a labyrinth of twisting trails, obstacles, crossroads and dead ends symbolic of a leader’s responsibilities, and invite teams to find their own ways of making safe passage.

Leadership Rites of Passage
Transitions from one level of leadership responsibility to the next—managing a team to managing a division, say—are awkward for all (how do you manage folks who yesterday were your peers?) Leadership Rites of Passage are powerful ceremonial occasions that honor and acknowledge the transition.

Playing the Corporate Game
Imagine your company as a game: what kind of game best depicts the internal dynamics of your organization? What is the object? Who are the players? How does one win or lose? What are the rules and strategies? Playing the Corporate Game is a team building activity that unearths the hidden agendas and unspoken dynamics of corporate life in a humorous way.

Sharing Genius
The Corporate Potlatch. Everyone has a genius, or special gift, and this gift is not always something that can be listed on a resume. Recognizing and respecting these often-hidden geniuses brings newfound vitality and appreciation to work teams. The Corporate Potlatch is a celebratory occasion for sharing these gifts in meaningful ways with others.

The Puppet Theater
Bad behavior is an unfortunate by-product of many working groups, especially in times of stress. Confronting rude, dismissive, sarcastic, destructive behaviors head-on is tricky and scary. The Puppet Theater is a hilarious method for getting these issues on the table in a way that delights rather than offends, and creates effective avenues for sustained behavioral change.