David Oldfield is Director of The Midway Center for Creative Imagination in Washington, DC. He holds a Masters Degree in Religion from Yale Divinity School, and a Masters Degree in Special Education from Southern Connecticut State University. His passion for creativity, imagination, and innovation leads him to the “thresholds” of life, times when profound transformation is called for, and we must realign our lives, our work, and our organizations, in order for our emergent potentialities to unfold.

David works extensively in corporations which believe that the growth of their people is an indispensable part of their organizational growth and renewal, and wish to challenge their workforce in innovative ways. He also finds himself called to companies undergoing dramatic reorganization (e.g. mergers, restructuring, downsizing, or a pronounced transformation of vision, products, mission and goals) and wish to engage these challenges in a creative manner. As a student of imagination, he calls upon both cutting-edge techniques of breakthrough learning and the age-old wisdom of mythology, folklore, and ritual to reveal both the emerging & eternal themes at play in our corporate lives, the heroes, wizards & fools lurking in the cubicle next door, and the modern day version of timeless human quests. He speaks extensively on such diverse topics as the ancient origins of leadership, harnessing intuition, creating an “archaeology of the future” for one’s enterprise, breakthrough thinking, how to lead (and follow) creative people, discovering and refining one’s genius, recovering the soul of a brand, the anatomy of high performance and the alignment of personal, professional and organizational growth and health.

Under his guidance since its founding in 1980, The Midway Center for Creative Imagination has become internationally recognized for its contribution to our understanding and use of creative imagination, innovation, myth, ritual, and creativity in our personal, professional, and organizational lives.